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Button charm

We often hear some women’s complain that the clothing of boutiques will only go with the flow, uniform clothing is difficult to wear clothing with their own style. In fact, an ordinary clothes just a little change can have a refreshing effect. And one of the most simple and effective recourse is to replace thebutton. Generally less likely to moderate the price of the garments attention to details such as buttons. So if cutting and work of the cloth is good, so long as a change buttons, you will have a unique fashion cloth, it is very affordable.
Buttons can melt in the color of clothing style, they also can out to play a decorative role. If we consider the whole image, then we can use the button with the jewelty. Such as pearl buttons with pearl jewelry, gold buttons with gold jewelry… and so, it seems to make people feel very noble and generous, but also let the audience feel that we are delicate mind women.
Replacebuttonlets us stitch it to create a beauty of their own only to regain long-lost classical sensibility.


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