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Notes on selection of zipper

The zipper manufacturers say, causing zipper “burst open” or the one of the reasons that the zipper don’t work is the wrong zipper type. Craig Stoudt said : “Like denim and leather and other heavier fabrics require a lot of support, requiring heavier support zipper. If the zipper do not hold up, it will be broken.” He is the chief executive of fastener manufacturing company-Scovill Fasteners, the company in Georgia Clarksville.
 Designers Elie Tahari like skirt with exposed metal zipper. He said: “ This is a mix of soft and hard way.”Tahari use a number of zippers form different vendors, zipper exposed plus to clothes “need a little explanation.” He said: “The cooperation of my technical designers and factories and me are very close.” Sometimes the achievement is a combination of fashion and function. “I’m in a lot of clothes with a reinforcement rib ribbon. Not only can support zipper on more elaborate fabric, but also looks beautiful.” Tahari said.


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