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The buttons as your marriage goods, DIY yourself style

Button has long been used as clothing accessories, but everything relies on creativity, we will introduce several buttons wedding products to you, though this small object irrelevant to wedding, we will give you a surprise, how cleverly designed the buttons so that it turned into exquisite wedding products. To initiate, I will every creativity bride rediscover the humble little element that around yourself.

Three-dimensional buttons jewelry, dress up wedding. This is a tree produced by buttons, it can be used as wedding table decoration or return, its characteristic that reflects the couple’s mind and DIY exclusive uniqueness.

The sign buttons, hot pursuit trend. In recent years, the myriad forms of the wedding sign, the button tree is quite innovative that it as a sign.

Button holding flowers, innovative and practical. Button holding flowers compared to flowers have the following benefits: 1. it is easy to store, unlike the flowers category is the disposable supplies, it can permanent collect the beautiful Memories of weddings; 2. the button holding flowers have more color than nature floral; 3. it not the same as the flowers blossom stains contaminated in the white wedding dress, innovative and stylish.

Buttons can also be decorated with all kinds of wedding small objects, such as the ring pillow, badges, guest hand card or seats card, it can also be made into a fine gift in return gave the guests to take home.


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