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Stylish rule: a pure button

The important one of stylish rules is that no matter how grotesque wear, as long as enough fine, someone will cheer for you. Conversely, even in line with current fashion trends, but the impression that you give other people is that you don’t pay attention to details, still be chuckle. What is called fine, in addition to material workmanship, the dress detail is also quite important. Liking some trendsetters used to like pull trousers, rolled up somewhat have a set number, and now they like to wear silk shirt, and fasten all buttons, has been deducted from the chest to chin.
Elisa Nalin is one of the initiator of this trend. She is a Paris trendsetter, she favorite coloful men’s shirts, wide leg pants and jacket. The method of she does not happen to be dressed to tha same style and color with someone is not complicated sum up: the color of the body appear alone looks very pleasant; clothing clean lines; fabric supple and glossy; rory lips; some vintage jewelry; if you wear shirts, put all of the buttons are fastened.
There are two typical people that they wear fit shirts and fasten all buttons, the one is the 1950s old-fashioned housewife, the two is the good girls and good students that they in noble boarding school for girls.
1950s housewife is a class of people that they dress are very meticulous, they don’t have a cupboard full of worn finish season will lose FMCG fashion, the clothing they buy, if they don’t alther the clothing, they will sent to the tailors. Before out side, they always ironing clothes flat, Make-up and finishing hairstyle, but also polished shoes, even if she at home alone, she would dress well, even middle-aged people will not self-indulgence. The aunt Lily, she is a character in movie called <nowhere boy>,she wearing old-fashioned beige cardigan and red brick shirt, as well as the mother in movie <submarine>, Sally Hawkins plays, wearing white silk collar shirt, the collar outer straps trimmed with a thin a line into a bow, she also wearing a pearl necklace. Now popular retro, more popular suddenly, when you put on a silk shirt and fasten all buttons, the feel of old-fashioned housewife have expressed. Taking into account the scarcity of time and mood, fashion lovers not only pursue fasten retro feel, but in such a meticulous as fashionable.


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