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Four features of kids button in the design

In our concept, the role of buttons is not much difference, they are used in the clothing on the connection or decoration. However, in the design, children’s clothing buttons are more finer than normal buttons. Because this kind of buttons are more used in children clothing, the development and design of kids button have more difference with general buttons, which is mainly manifested in the following major features.
First, colorful and variety. Children's clothing designers usually choose color in bright fabrics and accessories, as most children are more sensitive to the color, bright colors will bring them more fun. In the design of clothing, designers will make buttons of different colors into one clothing, it is more in line with their usage habits.
Second, novel design. Clothing and toys are the same as the parts that every day to accompany a child’s growing, buttons in addition to the function of clothes links, but also should have the feature that prominent figures features, lovely and novel style often able to seize the child’s heart.
Third, good quality buttons. Restless children may be with the clutch, nibbled clothes, so the button must be strong, not easily torn to bad, fracturing.
Fourth, a high degree of environmental protection requirements. Compared to adults clothing, children’s wear safety requirements are often higher, the safety of kids button mainly related to heavy metals, phthalate, azo and so on, they are the elements of threat humans health. For these elements, most countries have sophisticated detection standards.



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