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Pretty quintana zipper,farewell buttons times

Compared with buttons, the zipper is a very handy thing, we don’t have a one of Fasten, and the zipper used feeling neat. Slender lines in 2013 autumn and winter considered mainstream. So many brands with henselae silver stud zipper as the coat and jacket integrity of connections.
Zipper is as functional decoration widely used in the fashion. Whether quintana zipper effect is really better than buttons, you need to view to know! A chanel tweed jacket with a long silvern metal zippers convergence, double zipper design makes the clothes both design sense and practicality. The below zipper pull, coat skirt spread formation on the shap of a dovetail or casual swing, pull the zipper, our stature can be elongated from visual, Therefore the cost performance of the clothes is improved.
Designers again pull us toward a more biased in favor of neutral handsome style! The cocoon-shaped swept in 2012 after, the season once again to the slender silhouette, whether it is the upper and lower split-style dress or a jacket, I suggest you choose zipper section with high beam waist.



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