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Men’s dress is very important, prefectly suit start from button

Men’s clothes for men is very important, buttons usually as clothing accessories, but the history of buttons can be traced back to ancient times.
According to historical records, the first button that appear in ancient Greece, in that time, the Greeks known how to use buttons and rings to secure the loose robe, the buttonhole was invented until the 13th century, the buttonhole allow different buttons firmly fasten clothing. With the development of the times, buttons become the ornaments of the nobility highlight the social status, gemstone and other materials become a status symbol, its use is stipulated by relevant laws.
18th century after the invention of the mold machine, button to begin mass production, the price and status has dropped sharply from that time. Of course, we will think of why buttons of men's suit have nailed on the right,while the women’s are nailed to the left? It is said that the ancient aristocratic women wear clothes to be served by the servant, so it is more convenient nail on the left.
Nowadays, buttons for fashion is even more indispensable, the models of buttons from 16L to 55L, total of 15 international standard size, with L (ligne) as the unit of measure, every 1L equivalent 0.635 mm, metric dimensions the diameter calculation. The buttons of suit commonly used are shell button, metal buckles, bone clasps, string ties, wooden buckle, plastic buckle, and so on.



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