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Button: Clothing eyes

In foreign, button known as the clothing of the "eyes" in the country known as the clothes "pearl."It really is an ornament, either shape, or color for the clothes, it have played "icing on the cake" role.
Button is divided into “Practicality Button” and “Decorative buttons”, practicality button fastening clothes, decorative button is used to decorate clothing.
Whether are there are buttons, it is a important difference between ancient and modern. Ancient clothing, instead of button, they only used the tape, both from ancient portrait, portrait, poetry, and historical records and objects, we are difficult to find examples of using the buttons. Button appeared in about the 13th century AD. At that time, the man nail it on the clothes as a decoration, as a woman hanging the shell on her neck. Because it was a unique appearance, the woman also will be used. Modern nails the buttons at the cuffs, shoulders and other parts, this are inherited aesthetic medieval practices. Later, the ancients found in life, the button don’t only decorative, you can also fasten the button together with buttonhole that on the clothes, than make the open skirts close up, the button played the role of warm winter gear.
After we found the buttons practical value, it become a truly buttons. The ensuing method is its nails. At that time, the living dressed of lady serve by servants, in order to facilitate the oppesite fasten clothing, they nailed the buttons on the left in the clothes can make the very convenient. In order to meet the women of working class life of needs, the buttons also nail the left of the clothes, they can use their left arm sucking child, the right skirt naturally take cover the child’s head, while freeing her right hand to labor. At the time, because men often encounter danger or battle arena, in order to the right hand for holding the sword frozen or the right hand deftly temoved the hidden weapon hidden in clothing, sewing scissors division brains to nail the button on the right of clothes for convenience. Thus, the method of nail buttons is “female left, male right”, it has become a tradition from the Middle Ages has been dominant so far.
According to historical records, the button-making is very simple at first, but with shells, screws, wood for button, along with the development of handicraft, use cloth strips tied knot grapes make clothes button. Later, they have appeared bakelite buttons, metal buttons, acrylic buttons, plastic buttons, plated contact button, rhinestone button, etc., its shape varied and colorful color. According to legend, after the 16th century in Europe the buttons was brought back from China by crusaders that they participate in "Crusade". Then use the buttons are mainly men, especially the aristocracy, in order to show their generosity, the use of buttons odd fight wins. France, the historic King Louis XIV, he had a robe inlaid 13000 buttons, each pattern of the buttons is not the same. To this royal robe, and he invited many experts for his design of the button pattern. King Joseph I of Portugal, there is a set royal robe with 20 diamonds buttons, it is called the "King Diamond". After the 18th century, buttons gradually extended to female clothing.
With the development of science and technology, more and more varieties of buttons, more modern. France produced a music button, the buttons preparated many popular combination of melody.Sweden made one kind without sewing buttons, small buttons on the back of the plastic slats, by means of ultrasonic put it, "welding" in the clothes of the fabric. The United States produced with a firm core of the fiber fabric, so with nails with the buttons on the core will be able to live close to the clothes. Another inductive automatic lock, "Key" is the button. Just touch the buttons facing the lock, the lock is automatically turned on. This "button" can send certain frequency waves, one frequency only prescribe a lock ......
Modern Some countries even established a button Museum. Such as the Czech Republic a button museum has collected all countries and era buttons, up to as many as 1.5 million.


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