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Taking about the style of buttons and future development, small buttons have so large amount of knowledge!

Garment accessories is the important part except that clothes fabric, buttonsare relatively low usage of material in products, according to the dress some clothes will not use buttons, for example, part of the underwear, sweaters, etc., some clothes using a zipper.
So how to choose the meterials and button as buttons manufacture and designer of garment factory? As buttons manufacturers, innovative style is the most important, fashion designers always want to designed products that the consumer can accept. Buttons is divided into many kinds, there are many meterials, so as button factory, a factory can not produce all kinds of buttons, so to communicate with the fashion designer is the most important.
The cost of the button is an important factor that whether the clothes adopt to, a very small proportion of buttons share clothes, all kinds of buttons cost ratio is:
Crafts Button> Natural Button> Metal Button> Resin button
In a word, resin buttons and plastic buttons are the lowest cost of buttons. Of course, I just listed the cost is not absolute, but it is the approximate ratio, though the cloth button belong Handmade buttons, but the cost is lower than the metal buttons, its price is high than plasticbuttons, so the cost is not very high, it is an important fator that this buttons share the market.



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