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What is a waterproof zipper and how to use it?

Waterproofzipper is an special zipper that the nylon zipper use high density PU pressure heating pasted into it. Waterproof zippers to prevent rain penetration, and without sewing it can be pasted into the product. Its use of methods is contrast with general zipper, keeping the appearance of the products, it is also used in clothing, ski suits, mountaineering, tents, shoes, and other products.
The method of use waterproof zipper is contrast with the general zipper, its surface is smooth, there are a varity of gloss can be selected. Therefore, product aesthetics and waterproof practical effect is the factor of choosing waterproof zipper should be considered. The surface of common zipper isn’t the waterproof menbrane, from the front we can see the cloth (nylon,etc.) of zipper, but the surface of waterproof zipper have the waterproof membrane, we don’t see the cloth and tooth, so that the surface of the waterproof zipper is smooth, the waterproof zipper will have a bright side, matte, glitter face of the points. Ordinary zipper Whatever you put into what kind of perspective can not have reflective surfaces. Ordinary zipper and premium waterproof zippers used outdoors when there is a world of difference, a good waterproof zipper in the wild, sometimes it is a life-saving thing. If mountaineering bags using fabric don’t strong enough may cause package cracking, if the fastenrs and webbing are inferior products, it may fracture when it in the low temperatures or the bag bear a weight, how can you do if you climbing these situations? High-end mountaineering bags for zipper have very high demands.


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