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Button 's seven inspection procedures

 Button produced is necessary to have an inspection procedure, only the buttons inspection before they can enter the market, the following are seven buttons inspection procedures:
  1.the control sample. Look at the color, model is consistent with the sample;
  2.the surface should not have cracks, gaps, uneven and scratches;
  3.the back surface without tying, bubble; no bad side, the phenomenon of uneven thickness;
  4.the pattern should be no obvious distortion, no eyes, white circles and other phenomena;
  5.buttonhole should be smooth unobstructed; needle invariably wear and cracking, should be symmetrical and no big eyes. If it is dark eye buckle, dark eyes trough should be smooth without obvious burst.
  6.the same batch of buttons GB250 four color should not be below standard, compared with the sample should not be less than GB250 three criteria.
  7.packaging inspection after passing the inspection of all in appearance, and then packaging. Certificate should be placed in the packaging or other labels. Packaging should be in compliance with this number and the actual amount of each bag with the specified number of matches found due to varying thickness tolerance is exceeded or other reasons will have full inspection.
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