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Features of metal zipper

 Product characteristics caused by the presence of defects:

A, Metal zipper long-term exposure to air, the metal oxide layer will form on the surface, wipe the surface with black paper. Sometimes the fabric chains close to the teeth on the jacket will attach chain teeth marks, often copper primary teeth marks.
B, When using metal zipper, because the surface of the wax, if not in the middle of the chain mat cardboard and cloth will produce dental wax stain clothes ironing the fabric phenomenon. Nickel alloy products in the production process tends to remain in the cloth tape slight black teeth marks
C, Currently have a two-point double fine tooth pulled products bidirectional pull together very smoothly, but the current technology is not mature, the yield is relatively low.
D,With the oxidation product of a color cloth, the color due to oxidation by the surface of the tape is damaged, it is not to appear dark oxidation than the former. There are also color, tooth color between different batches chains generally between 3 to 4.


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