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Button literacy——metal button Knowledge

WYSE specializing in the production of high-grade metal zipper,nylon zipper,plastic zipper and metal buttons,alloy button.To universal knowledge , collect the following special knowledge for you to learn .
Divided in accordance with the material , the buttons can be divided into the following:
1,natural button
2,Plastic button(ABS Plating button,nylon Staining buckle and so on)
3,metal button
4,wood button
5,Leather buttons
6,Ceramics button
7,Fruit button
8,Shell button
Almost metal button copper products as the core products,Nylon , rubber , alloy are mixed using the product .
Core Product Type Features
1. Urgency button ( also known as Snap Button ) , used for the coat, leather jacket, casual wear, down jacket, children's clothes , etc. .
A.Change will be the button surface ( material, shape , size , color , LOGO ) , matched with the bottom three .
Four commonly used materials of button surface:copper,alloy,nylon,rubber.( Copper surface alloy surface of metal , Nylon and rubber plastic material Nylon is hard rubber is soft .
B. Four commonly used bottom piece Specifications : button beaded # 484 , # 486 , sewn bottom # 405 , # 406
C. from the production process Urgency button is divided into two type:One for stamping parts , one for the die casting,copper Button surface for stamping parts,alloy as well as the the button on the side of the plastic material for die casting;Because of the different processes alloy Compared with copper quality more able to make different styles urgency button surface
D.The maximum demands of the emergency button is the tension control,The prerequisite is that the copper material selection.How to distinguish the pros and cons of the product ? From the appearance of the shape ,Plating color.The comparison weight to distinguish.If you have a professional
Button puller Will be able to accurately measure the buckle force,Engaging force to the medium size, too small buckle is not tight , too much buckle timely very difficult , inconvenient to use .
2. Jeans button,Used for denim clothing , has been widely used Casual cloth in recent years.
A.Traditional Jeans Button with a single copper material manufacturing,Due to intense competition , in recent years begun to fashion diversification ,The material also changes The most used is alloy Die-casting button surface,thus Implied Grinding, polishing , engraving , Epoxy , anointed with oil And other expertise.
B.From the style point of view ,Jeans button Mainly divided into the following:
Plastic core Jeans button—Screws / arrow nails
Rotation Jeans button—long Double-cut nails
Single needle Jeans button—short Double-cut nails
Double needle Jeans button—The copper double needle nail
C.on the Material Jeans button:
Copper surface Jeans button
Alloy surface Jeans button
Plastic surface Jeans button
D.copper surface and alloy Surfaces the most commonly Jeans button,Because copper Surface Stamping and alloy die-casting Can make a variety of styles with different styles Jeans button,More appropriate clothing production needs .
A. Corn Materials commonly used in two ways:copper Material、iron Material。Copper Material Corn Used for Windbreaker、 leather garments , casual wear , jeans and other high-end clothing,iron Material Corn Used for low-grade shoes.Its specification is divided into:1# 2# 3# 4# 5# 2L 3L 4L 20L 22L 24L 25L 26L 27L 28L 29L 30L 34L.
B. Corn Products such as the case in the course of forge cloth Material too thin or flexible cloth material , avoid folder rags Material with washer.
C. Corn The commonly used models for the round, there are some special style to adapt to the needs of garment production ,Such as square Corn , the oval Corn , network Surface Corn.
4.Prong snap button,More for children, women , and a small amount of casual cloth.
A.Prong snap button generally are copper materia,Common specifications are : # 111 (size 6.9mm ) # 222 ( Specifications for 9.5mm ) # 333 ( specifications 10.2mm ) # 555 ( specifications 15mm ) # 666 ( size 17mm ) # 888 ( Specifications for 21mm ).
B.Prong snap button Common style are:Ring face Prong snap button , bead surface Prong snap button, including surface Prong snap button and so on.
C.In order to meet the demand of garment production,Prong snap button.Also can be equipped with a variety of styles of beads surface,Including : color, pattern , LOGO ;for Prong snap button.Mostly used in children's clothing,The United States and the European Union on chemicals of environmental protection and against children ( mainly refers to the direct contact with the skin ) with extreme caution,And to develop the appropriate legal standards,so Prong snap button Plating generally are No Lat environmental treatment.
5 .Rivets
Co - exist with the Jeans Button,Use essentially the same,mainly used in cowboy clothing
A. Rivets generally divided into the following styles:Prominent beads Rivets , anti - sudden beads Rivets , package Surface Rivets , double bag Surface Rivets
B. Rivets The material is divided into the copper Material and alloy products
Metal products Key points related to
Primarily Plating matter,mainly Plating type,environmental requirement and Plating Color control.
Plating Is an important part of each metal buckle products.
1) From the types of Plating divided into : roll , hang.
a. Power roller is used in less demanding on the appearance of the metal buckle products
It Plating of Metal Products Surface not very bright , there scratches , of course, lower cost Plating .
Corn、Rivets、Prong snap button、Urgency button bottom three general for the roll.
b.Hanging with the appearance of the metal buckle products relatively high demand products , such as alloy the snap buttons Surface , Copper Snap Button Surface is generally linked to power .
2)From the environmental side Surface can be divided into : Lat Plating no Lat Plating .
Plating Color by chemical treatment into a film,Surface of the table attached to the item.If the "lat " ingredients penetrate Plating process,Would lead not meet national environmental standards,as lat Plating;Plating process does not penetrate the "lat " ingredients,as no lat Plating.Of course Metal products no lat Plating required raw materials,As raw materials Material Surface itself contains a "lat" is not no Lat Plating .( Example: Material of raw materials iron , because it contains excessive levels of "lat " ingredients , so with iron material products can not do no Lat Plating . )
3) Plating color : Green ancient copper, Black Copper , Red Copper , lat color、Dumb lat, black lat, brunette lat, deep black Lat;Also there are some special injector Color: such as spray half varnish , spray varnish , spray dumb oil .
Button tips
1. Jeans button、Rivets
1).Suitable for use in denim and washing cloth
2)Typically Jeans Button and Rivets are forged in jeans and washing leisure installed,However, due to the end of Rivets nail length usually have several specifications,Generally based on the thickness of the denim used in several layers of cloth up to select the length of the studs in the base,The denim Surface useful to Rivets,Must provide the thickness of the denim used in several layers of cloth fine.Based on this information to order the end of the applicable length nails, or break out the nail feet will make people feel deformation tilt tension is not enough , easy to fall off , washing casual wear is also true.
2 emergency button
1 ) suitable for use in the denim , washing cloth and windbreaker jacket
2). This type of button to use a wide In addition to the knitted fabric in general can spend cloth Material hole play button before the first base member , or failed to achieve its best results ; well as in the play button If you can not debug the play button in the best position , can also cause the button deformation, loosening phenomenon .
3 prong
The common prong playing on knitted fabrics , the tension so that it will not fall off , it will not pull the bad cloth Material , but there must be 2 to 3 layers of cloth material , if any special needs in advance illustrative purposes , production of tensile loose Prong snap button; playing Prong buckle without the hole on the cloth material , this button is suitable for women summer knitting , Prong snap button on the winter requires pull tight ; Ipomoea Tetraena button denim and washing cloth material , but can not be used in Rayon lining .
Clothing buttons of the post- processing
Of common clothing post - washing would hit the pants buttons oxidation (only oxidation Plating buttons, example : the oxide alloy color , oxidation of light alloy color ) ; the smart color Green ancient copper, dumb Lak not appear, but also pay attention to the pH of the washing water .
5 .recommended that the play button must use to match the mold
Production of buttons is tailor-made mold , the play button play button mode must be tailored , do not recommend the use of other manufacturers play button mold ; many manufacturers of buttons may look almost, but to break out the effect of different, the different manufacturers mold produced button is not the same ; the proposed hit a large cargo button products , the use of the original play button mode .


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