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A glance at the accessories the thrid---zipper Story by Tina

Zipper Story

zipper as an important part of clothing  has been paid more and more attention. zipper is a philosophy, zipper is a mood, zipper is a language . In the details of winning today , zipper carrying more mission , zipper, from quality , achievement classic, mind to every one zipper,  so that you really feel the philosophy, mood and language behind zipper, to enjoy more value .

zipper History

19th century clothes and boots and shoes have used many buttons fastened. People put on a jacket or a pair of boots before, sometimes finishing the dozens of buttons on the coat back edge or boots . One called the Hui Te Kangbu Judson American engineer thinks he can make some things easier. He invented a new type of fastener, which includes a series of buttons. These buttons can be used a sliding metal rails to turn on or off. He put a new contraption called a "buckle switch device", and in 1893 received the patent, which is the zipper origin. In 1905, Judson has designed easy-mechanized production of new zipper. And can be called modern design of the new zipper, then moved to the United States by the Swedish electrical engineer Sunderbans Barker in 1913 invented. Until 1923, the United States began Goodrich used on the jacket zipper, zipper rapid development in the commercial , and welcomed by the people.

zipper is philosophy

"Three Kingdoms" opening said: "The world affairs, long period of division, together for a long minute", which is really world situation through exploration of wisdom. The zipper is a manifestation of the philosophy "together for a long minute, long period of division, again and again, going," the wisdom of life. Earthly things, ups and downs, summed up, but so, it cosmology "a relaxation" of truths, pretty well connected. But the zipper of the philosophy at least make us insights, life the way it should, some things do not have to be too persistent. If the zipper embodies a life philosophy, the zipper  metaphor marriage is also logical. Because marriage is like an invisible zipper, the two people who love this life into the same orbit, precisely because of it, we love that piece shirt Gone named love as silk soft as satin, wore it seemed warm and beautiful and with dignity. People who love to be in harmony will inevitably produce subtle friction. For that matter rip rip it's zipper sound bite, we do not care too much, because the generation of friction to prevent rust, of course, the smartest approach is to this friction sound Sha chatter into xicating love words. When their relationship ups and downs due to some unexpected turn of events from time to time, not too early leash, live with each other, believe "together for a long minute, long period of division," the zipperphilosophy, maybe the other just fatigued, you are really fit him . Since the "together for a long minute, long period of division" is meant, as to wait at Plaza, and the "line to the water to the poor, the sitting watching clouds from time to time", perhaps in the sunshine after the storm.

zipper is a language

Passage of the twenty-first century today, zipper has evolved into people's lives essential clothing accessories, both practical and beautification dual function. zipper is a language. Good quality zipper, it comes out from the inside cool temperament, in revealing the owner's taste silent. Jeans with a simple straightforward to interpret all copper zipper is most apt to; gorgeous classic calm zipper leather needs to demonstrate its elegance; cool leather with metal zipper is filling rebellious style; lavish evening dress needs stealth zipper to express its support for the graceful; originally the world's most classic clothing brand in the performance of good quality zipper charm is inseparable from understanding the auxiliary, a climax of the zipper will be no deviation in the thousands of Skelter  should card excellent quality of brand clothing. Small zipper hidden in big mystery, original zipper is a language.

zipper is a mood

Work pressure, fast-paced life of modern man increasingly sensitive, it is reflected in interpersonal relationships, the environment and even people on the various moods. zipper recorded in skelter down your thousands of minds. Winter we go out, we always pull clothes zipper, zipper storage to help us from all sadly mind, makes us warm and confident, go all out to start the day; long journey home, one way or another suitcase zipper at the moment, there is always a ray of lingering parting only under the brow, but our hearts; zipper binder sometimes the best feelings, after an argument with her boyfriend, the most without losing face and a good way to go past, confidently asking him helped pull the skirt back zipper, all this unhappiness vanished. Small zipper on switching on and off, skelter in a faithful record of our life bit by bit.
        consumption experience of zipper

Good zipper must be pleasing in appearance, opening and closing smooth and durable. But in real life, each person may have encountered embarrassment caused by poor quality zipper. For example: new clothes zipper pull on fashion cowboy open a window, and stylish handbags publicly stumped. Even more unacceptable is that at the airport, important meetings, business negotiations appear like all the embarrassing, distressing angry, but I do not know what to do, never in the mood calmly scenes. Any dress with a zipper wife is the most harmonious, even if it is replaced with a new zipper, always because of differences in color and style, people feel no longer perfect. zipper dress determines vitality. For consumers, the most anticipated manufacturers in the production of clothing when the zipper on the selection of high quality as garment accessories, once and for all.


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