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Decryption of zipper popular reasons

zipper how quickly replaced button from obscurity to become the most popular  garment accessories ? WYSE gathered information to you decrypt this very fortuitous reasons led to its popularity.

History often due to a number of factors to be rewritten incidental, zipper history invention also confirmed this. An air crash shocked the world "save" the dying zipper.

Place de la Concorde in Paris sunny, carefully selected pilots confidence boarded the most advanced aircraft, as do a large number of politicians and VIP flight demonstrations. But when the aircraft made several nice sliding action but after a somersault planted down, plane crash!

After a careful analysis of the accident investigation team, evidence and found that the pilot lost a shirt button, and this button just rolled into tablets aircraft engines, thus causing an accident. Dearly allowed the French Ministry of Defence issued a nail button on the in-flight apparel suit orders. European countries followed , has been spread across the Pacific to the United States of America.

"We have hope!" Baker III about the incident after the judgment which is to make the zipper back to life the opportunity, he immediately contact the Ministry of Defence, the best price offered to sew a new pilot uniforms. Pilots wear new uniforms with zipper, no doubt had a huge advertising. Army Navy followed suit. Baker III lost no time in the United States and Europe, contact the manufacturer of apparel, large-scale production without buttons while zipper jacket, zipper survivor increasingly popular.

After the outbreak of the First World War, the U.S. military who realized that military clothing military clothing zipper can improve the speed, so their clothes in front pants pocket and test equipment at the mouth zipper, this greatly welcomed frontline soldiers . 1917 production of 24,000 zipper uniforms immediately sold out. In 1918, the United States has set in 10,000 flight suit on the placement of the zipper.

In 1924, the U.S. Goodrich where to buy patents from Baker III and put into production, but also according to its open timely friction sound emitted from an image to its name "Zipper", namely "zipper", and designed ZIPPER The trademarks, so that the product has been protected by law.

At the same time, the United Kingdom, the British Prince of Wales took the lead instead of wearing a button with zipper pants, people have to follow, since then, zipper began to enter the garment industry, and has become fashionable.

But in women's clothing, install zipper at the time is still quite difficult, because women are the most taboo encounter embarrassing thing, they fear that they will be in the wrong skirt when the door wide open, so do not dare try to put a woman in a dress with a zipper on.

The mid-1930s, a beautiful and avant-garde fashion designer Schiappa Leili designed a peculiar robe, and then also opened a "vertical full zipper" spring fashion show. This robe from neck to hem dress with a striking zipper, models wearing it looks very graceful and moving. Others Women considered three seconds later decided to choose regardless of danger, sought zipper gown. Practice has proved that, ladies clothes for fear of the zipper will lead to a fool is entirely superfluous.

Soon thereafter zipper popularity in the United States, and growing reputation. Clothes, backpacks, skirts, shoes, sleeping bag, pillow case, briefcase, laptop and other items have to spend a zipper.

zipper benefits are: opening and closing convenient, time-saving, safe and reliable. zipper has since become the last 100 years the world's most important inventions.


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