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Zipper history

A lot of things we only know how to use, but very few people pay attention to the reason of their development, such as zippers, we feel that it is easy to use, but how it invented you know? Now , I will tell you about the zipper history and culture.
On the eve of 1893 Chicago Expo that is the 400th anniversary of Columbus' discovery of America, a Americans proposed to hold a World Expo to commenmorate this great historical event. In this session of the Expo, a American man named Wei Tekang bull; Judson demonstrated his new invention “removable clasp”, which is the original name of the zipper, but because of heavy zipper,hook and loop lap loose, easy automatic cracked and no gain market favor.
But the unprepossessing invention did not silence, in which nearly a century after the birth of time, the world’s different countries inventors are constantly improvements zipper technology. In 1986, the American famous “World of Science” magazine selected 10 invention that have the greatest impact on human life in 20th century, including integrated circuits, aircraft, nylon, rockets, airships, television, refrigerators and other well-known scientific and technological achievements, but the top of the list is a small thing——zipper!
One day in 1890, the factory engineer Wei Tekang•Judson with gifts to visit cousin, when he got off the train, he saw an old lady slipped and fell, the carry bag is distraction, something in the bag scattered over the ground, Judson quickly put aside his own bag, to help the elderly, so he can get his bag back, he found the gift gone that for his cousin, he didn’t know when the gift fall from the bag. It  makes Judson determined that he must be able to design a device that can closed tight, easy to open and close.
Once Judson found the scoop hanging nearly, cleverly when he go a blacksmith's shop to buy scoop, he saw: a horizontal stick hanging two rows of spoon, the upper row spoon handle with a sitck directly through the hole, the lower row spoon handle down by the ministry with the above spoon bite tightly together. The two rows of spoons that it snaps together, became Judson envisaged “zipper” prototype.
1913, the Swedes named Baker III working in the U.S. improved the rough locking device, he made it become a reliable commodity, His approach is to use a metal lock tooth attached to a flexible shaft. The zipper works: Each tooth is a small hook, they can match with the hole that below the samll teeth that it is another one next to the relatively on the tape. The zipper is very strong, only the slider sliding open when the tooth pulled.
History often due to a number of incidental factors to be rewritten, the history of zippern invention confirmed this. An air crash shocked the world, and this crash “save” the dying zipper.
An aviator jacket out of a button, just rolled into aircraft engines, causing the accident save the zip fate. “We have hope!” Baker III judgment about the incident is an opportunity to revive the zipper, he immediately contact with the Ministry of Defence, he proposed most favorable price sewing new uniforms for pilots. Pilots wear new uniforms with zipper, no doubt had a huge advertising. Army and Navy followed suit. Baker III lost no time contact with the manufacturer of apparel that they are in the Uniter States and Europe, large-scale producted jacjet without buttons,only use zipper, zipper survivor increasingly popular.


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