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How to design the clothing buttons and buttonhole position?

Changes in clothing styles, you can use a variety ofbuttons , the designer must be based on style,as much as possible reference the before the midine, the highest and waist NZ bit design.
Upon the bit is the most important position in the buttonhole. It should be in line with the collar barge basis where the horizontal line marked (split line through point X).
Waist button is also important, it is often located above the waist, it also can be located below the waist. In the connection type jacket, only a button (connection type double buttons), it is always located above the waist 2cm place, to prevent split head arched. Current models use more middle button, or least significant bit buttons, while in the traditional style, the narrow lapels often used in high-button suit bit. Two buttons more convenient, grommets spaced by style, generally buttonhole distance is at least 6cm (sometimes less), at most 1.5cm (usually 9~10cm).
In the single-breasted styles, buttons and buttonholes to the corresponding edge distance, in theory, be equal of substantially equal. This is especially suitable for narrow placket (2~3cm) style, because here, the button is in the front line. In fact, the suit buttonhole is usually very colse distance with the rabbet line, about 1~2cm, while the buttons are often sewn on the back side by side rabbet (preferably sewn stacked door), and sometimes to move in or out, to adjust the tightness of clothing. Thus, we do not have to move the centerline distance (such as high-NZ-bit Blazer).
In the double-breasted styles, double buttons distance from the anterior midline, placket mainly by the width of the decision. This style usually has a wide lapel, buttons located below or above the waist. Breasted have a short distance from the anterior midline,it is usually 6 ~ 8cm (spacing buttons 10 ~ 11cm); for low split head, lower button positions in the traditional style, the distance is usually 9cm, or 10cm (the button spacing of 14 ~ 15cm).
When designing a double-breasted blazer buttons and buttonholes, the buttonholes on the placket,usually marked its position form the side rabbet 1~2cm, and the , in order to facilitate sewing, measure out the distance from the anterior midline on the opposite side, determine (by Lane) the second bit buttons line (of course, depend on where in this online without grommets). On the bottom lapel, single-breasted buttonhole is usually higher than rely niecebuttonsfrom the side rabbet first closer to the lower edge of the side rabbet of the door kept stacked in the appropriate position.


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