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2021 Newest Necklace Fashion Trend of Autumn and Winter

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Update time : 2021-01-23 10:29:35
So far, we've described the runways as very serious and conservative, but the 2021 accessories trend has gone against that attitude, injecting even more life into the collections.

After all, all it takes is the right accessories to completely transform an outfit.
As with other fashion seasons, the 2021 jewelry trends feature simple, glamorous pieces, including jewelry bracelets, twin-shaped earrings and many more sculptural pieces made of heavy but exceptionally shiny precious metals.

Necklace designs are becoming more and more ladylike on the catwalks, with pearls appearing on many catwalks.
Of course, these fashionable ladies aren't wearing grandma's pearl necklaces.

Their pearlescent accessories are contemporary.
So if you want to wear the trend yourself, you can choose a variety of fashion designs.

The chain
Chains are a major theme for spring jewelry, and the FW2021 jewelry trend is no exception!
This time around, the chains feel more suited to a season full of industrial elements.
The chains are strong, but not as rough or as punky as the previous season.

We saw matching collars and bracelets at Chloe, which were made of chunky chains, while gold was a favorite at Off-White, while necklaces and bracelets had a more conceptual clasp with a slightly sloping shape.

Marine Serre, Sacai, Rokh, Bottega Veneta, and many others have also introduced jewelry chains this season, making them our top accessories trend for  2021!

Pearls Necklce

A second creative trend appears in autumn jewelry in 2021: more industrial chains are combined with delicate feminine pearls.

This strange combination worked well at Moschino Fashion Week, where pearl necklaces and heavy chains were stacked on top of each other.

This pairing was less jarring at Chanel and Koche, whose gold chains felt more luxurious and decadent, more suited to a pearly texture.

Charming little trinkets

Glamorous necklaces and bracelets are full of Bohemian glamour.
Add a bit of swing to every look to make the fashion even sexier.
We appreciate how they fit into the jewelry trend of 2021.

Much of Christian Dior's jewelry is decorated with shiny ornaments, including cloisonne fish, hearts, coins and other small gold shapes.
Amulets on necklaces and bracelets were to be expected, but they were added to ring and bracelet combinations.
Dolce & Gabbana's main selling points are coins and heart-shaped ornaments that hang on chokers, necklaces and bracelets, and gold is once again the dominant metal.

Finally, Nicole Miller showed off a variety of glamour on a chunky necklace, combining industrial with Bohemian.

A long dangling necklace

Long necklaces, especially when worn over a flowing piece of clothing, are the perfect choice to add a touch of luxury without making you look too self-conscious.
They are the perfect accessory.

Our favorites are more Bohemian necklaces, with a long main chain with a few thin chains and odd pendants or ornaments for extra swing.
We've also seen necklaces like this at the Palm Angels and Chloe shows.

Bibhu Mohapatra made it more spiritual, and the model wore a slender beaded necklace that reminded us of rosary beads.
There were more skinny, draping necklaces on the show, especially by Celine, Ann Demeulemeester and Etro.
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