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2023 Fashion Jewelry Craft

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Update time : 2022-06-27 12:56:58
The crystal material design is mainly designed with metal wrapping and decoration, and the craft cutting is mainly in the shape of droplets, circles and squares. The brand's carelle pendant features metal outlines in a leaf pattern and is accented with pavé diamonds. The interior is decorated with softly interwoven lines. The Robinson Pelham brand is mainly made of spodumene crystal and presented in a rectangular shape. The highlight of the style design is that the whole crystal is clinging to the metal frame set with pink sapphire. Soft pink with low saturation brings a feeling of inner joy to people.
Elements--Symphony Gems
Symphony gems stand out mainly in appearance through colorful gemstones, opals and designs. Brilliant colors can bring people a positive and optimistic mood. The design uses colorful gemstone inlays to enhance the eye-catching of the entire item. The Robinson Pelham brand uses the capsule as a design element. The capsule cap is embellished with colorful gemstones, and the capsule body is displayed in a transparent material to highlight the diamonds inside. The overall design is bold and stylish.
Elements - fun letters
The letter elements with a sense of shape can give jewelry a concise and fashionable design language, and it is also the best expression of self-personality. The letter elements in the design of the 2023 spring and summer pendant are displayed in an interesting design form, and the letter shape is more prominent in the design to create a unique atmosphere. The BRENT NEALE brand pendant has bold fonts on the basic letter design to show the effect of liquid flow, and is decorated with two diamonds, which is cute and interesting. The Chloé brand lettering is a combination of two different textured effects, visually contrasting and refreshing.
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