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925 sterling silver-2

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Update time : 2020-12-30 11:10:07
Maintenance methods
1. In the process of selling and selling, the salesperson should inform the customer of the maintenance and maintenance of ornaments, so as to avoid problems arising from improper wearing during the wearing process.

2. Especially in summer, I like to sweat. In order to avoid the corrosion of sweat on the jewelry, I should immediately wash the jewelry with clean water and wipe it clean with a soft cloth.

3. The silver soft in texture, 㐽 wear should avoid squeezing and pulling.

4. When bathing or playing, be sure to take off the silver jewelry to avoid contact with chemicals such as bleach.

5. When putting on makeup, please try to avoid the contact between cosmetics and perfume and silver ornaments.

6. In the process of  wear, please try to avoid contact with any other chemicals silver, so as to avoid chemical reaction.

7. Often use a cup of boiling water and soak the silver ornaments in it for a few minutes, or a little dishwashing liquid may be added.
Decomposition  wear with grease and sweat for a long time, can the silver look new.

8. Act the role ofing is tasted the best maintenance method is 㐽 take every day, because of the human body oil glands can make the silver produces natural moist luster.

Silver ornaments: there are some in the market with the banner of Miao Silver, Thai silver, and Tibetan silver, and many of them are white copper.
That's white copper.

Silver logo: usually there are two kinds of logo, one is printed with steel, the other is engraved with laser.
Silver is called Silver and the chemical element is Ag.
So it has these kinds of signs.
S or SL, Ag plus color, if 92.5% silver is labeled As S925, SL925, Ag925 or 925.
Full silver, thousands of silver will be directly engraved with Chinese characters, there are also s990, S999,Ag990,Ag990 and so on.
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