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Beautiful high-end jewellery from major brands

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Update time : 2021-08-24 10:21:11

The high jewellery series uses colorful gemstones to present abstract cheetah patterns, organic textures, and exudes brilliant light... The seductive color like ripe fruit is reminiscent of the fragrant fragrance blooming in a foreign land, which is fascinating.

The combination of gemstones in the work uses geometric illusion patterns, taking advantage of the visual drop and the power of emotional resonance, to get rid of the image from reality and deduce the radiant design. When the jewellery fits the skin, it shines brightly under the light, glowing with infinite vitality.

In 1914, the non-realistic cheetah markings officially entered the animal kingdom, and the classic cheetah style was opened. Today, this new necklace work continues the non-realistic approach, recreating the cheetah style with precious gems.

The polished onyx depicts the cheetah markings, and the white, yellow and orange diamonds and three 27.34 carats total golden brown topaz exuding charming brilliance depict the cheetah's golden fur with luster and texture.

Thanks to the overall three-dimensional structure of the work and the articulated design on the side, this necklace can be flexible while maintaining its geometric shape.

A 21.51 carat sapphire in the center of the ring is full of color and dazzling. The surroundings are symmetrically decorated with diamonds and emeralds arranged in arcs, layer by layer, and the black lacquer finish on the side adds a shadow effect, just like the ripples on the lake.

The gorgeous ring face spans three fingers, and the two ends are light and agile, just like spreading out a shining scroll. The ring face part can also be converted into a brooch to wear.

The pink-toned tourmaline and pink sapphire create a delicate and pleasant gemstone combination of the same tone, which contrasts with the surrounding bright orange garnets and brilliant diamonds.

This necklace has a graceful and rich texture, with a balanced combination of straight lines and curves to create a natural organic form, just like sweet berries full of branches.
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