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Do you know a dream catcher?

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Update time : 2020-11-09 09:34:52
Along with ancient Indian culture, dream catcher also has its own legend, although different tribes have different legends, but they all have the same symbol - keeping good dreams and blessings.Once upon a time, a young girl had a dream, in the dream the spider taught her how to weave a web, and told her that the web can let people catch good dreams, strengthen the communication between people and the spirit world, the girl woke up, according to the dream of the revelation made a dream net, and hung in bed.The next morning, she woke up to find beautiful beads hanging on the net.As she touched the beads, the Spirit spoke to her: "Beads are the power and wisdom that the dream net catches in your sleep. The nightmare has been caught by the net and has disappeared with the rising of the sun. Now bring it to your people."So the dream catcher lives on.
Best wishes, primitive and mysterious, warmth, dreamcatcher today have appeared in some jewelry store, becomes the modern novel and chic household furnishings, diverse styles, some between osteoporosis, some small dense, color also differ, attracted many young people to buy, maybe they don't know the origin of it, but like the special and beautiful, bought it for my lover or friend, to own mind and sincere blessing.Not long ago, I also received a dream catcher brought by my friend from the United States. To me, this dream catcher is no longer the possession of the evil.spirit in the movie, but a greeting from a distant friend. I hung it by my bed, hoping that it would bring me good dreams.
If you also want to catch a dream, and there is no dream catcher, very simple, remember a book said that you just put a dream catcher in your heart, wake up a little bit early every day, give yourself a few minutes calm time, lie in bed, quietly recall the dream last night, the dream will naturally appear.Whether the reality or the heart of the dream catcher, are carrying their own yearning for beautiful dreams, is a kind of spiritual sustention, beautiful and colorful dream catcher brought more and more good wishes to people, I hope you can give it to their own or the most dear friends, a blessing: good man dream.
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