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How to choose a jewelry brand, jewelry necklace recommended guide

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Update time : 2021-11-18 14:45:14

Gold necklaces are mainly divided into four types: pure gold (gold content of not less than 99%), 22K gold (gold content of 91.652%), 18K gold (gold content of 74.998%), and 14K gold (gold content of 58.324%).
Suitable for the crowd: Many people think that gold is not suitable for old-fashioned and rustic young people, but in fact, with the improvement of the design, there are many gold necklaces that can also play the effect of fashion trends. I personally like the gold design of the national trend, regardless of I think it's trendy for all ages, and those with a more mature appearance will look very cultural.

The swan necklace, this classic swan necklace has been sold all over the world for a long time, and it is amazing that it is enduring, which is enough to represent people's recognition of this product. Of course, starting from the most classic black swan model, it has developed more on this basis, such as blue gradient and pink swan.

The design of this diamond necklace is the heart of the moon, please your heart~ Haha, this design concept is great!

Inspired by the star trails, turn the gravitational force of the star trails into the love of you! The combination of halo mother shells and diamonds makes BlingBling super beautiful!
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