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How to match a diamond necklace

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Update time : 2020-10-20 17:12:43
1, the neck thick short person, often lacks a kind of tall and straight feeling.
Wearing a necklace around a neck that is already short will make it look even shorter.Since the necklace is almost the same length as the neck, it creates a horizontal line when worn.As a result of the choker formed in the neck dividing line, so that the neck formed the upper and lower impression, the visual will appear shorter.Wearing a long, thin necklace or a necklace with pendants can elongate a short neck.Because of the "V" shape of the necklace caused by the visual direction of the feeling of hanging down.
2, the neck slender person, not suitable for wearing too long necklace, because the longitudinal visual stretching effect of the necklace, will make the original long neck appears longer, it will become a "giraffe".Long neck should choose to wear a collar or small delicate necklace, so the effect will be better.Women with long and thin necks wear fake silk chains to show their exquisite beauty.The horsewhip chain is thick and mature, suitable for older women.The color of the necklace can be as light as possible, so as to highlight the beauty of the neck, but not let the neck appear too long.
3, white skin delicate people, wearing any color of the necklace will look good.If wear necklace of white gold diamond, silver necklace, pearl to wait for light color attune necklace, appear decorous, have downy, natural, implicative.aesthetic feeling.Dark tones such as amber, obsiderite, amethyst and dark agate will flatter your skin.Any color diamond necklace, in white skin contrast, will be more luster.
4, dark skin, when wearing a necklace, to choose carefully.Should not wear the diamond necklace of light color attune commonly, because below the contrast of light color diamond necklace, skin color can appear deeper.If the face is black and yellow, then amber, agate, gold, copper and other colors are better.Because these necklaces have a yellowish tone and are darker than the skin tone, they flatter the skin in harmony.If the color of your skin is black and red, then gold necklaces, black obsiderite necklaces, amethyst necklaces more suitable, emerald, emerald and other green tone necklaces will make the skin more red and black.In most cases, gold, platinum, and diamond necklaces easily match any skin tone
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