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jewelry will always be a girl’s second dress

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Update time : 2021-06-23 17:56:52

To say that the most worthwhile small objects to invest in all seasons must be all kinds of accessories, earrings, necklaces, hair clips, and bracelets. Whether in winter or summer, they are the finishing touch to the overall shape. Smart girls know how to use accessories to make Own regular collocation is even more brilliant.

However, there are many kinds of accessories, and the price is not too expensive. You can harvest a piece of grassland casually. You often find that they are not suitable for you when you buy them home and try them on. Therefore, you have spent a lot of money on accessories. It is best to choose the one that suits you.

The round earrings that are very popular this year, the simple shape is just right, it is not too conspicuous but also has a sense of existence. Various styles can be controlled. It is recommended as a style with closed eyes this year. Fashion bloggers almost have a pair. .

Fashion blogger Maria Bernad not only loves all kinds of pearl accessories, but also has many pearl accessories products on her personal brand Lesfleur Studio.

MISBHV, a new high-street brand from Poland that has recently been ignited, combines metal and pearl elements to create a unique style. It is cold and has a sense of futuristic technology, which is very suitable for rebellious punk girls.

When choosing special-shaped earrings, it is most suitable to match with simple clothes. A small bright spot in the simplicity will make people unforgettable. This year's popular colors are the colorful colors of taro purple and lemon yellow. This also applies to accessories. Amiee Song matched colorful geometric earrings in this outfit, and the colors echoed the colors of the clothing.

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