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Natural material small gummy bear item

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Update time : 2021-06-24 16:32:23

Necklaces like this full of childishness have been too popular recently, and have become a must-have item on the homepages of most fashion bloggers. Contrasting colors, pearls, acrylic, shining rhinestones...Aren't these all my favorites when I was three years old!

Plastic texture jewelry, colorful and green like candy, even the more the color is more attractive. It is completely different from the traditional jewelry that shows wealth and wealth. It is childlike.

These little gummy bears that frequently appear on the homepage of fashion blogger Sofiam Coelho like to switch to different outfits. It's so cute and so realistic that I want to pinch it twice, it's really hard to look away. You can also increase or decrease the number and color of bear pendants at will according to the color of the clothing, and the matching flexibility is extremely high.

And this delicious (not) little gummy bear necklace comes from the Norwegian brand Crystal Haze. The design is inspired by natural materials. The designer believes that natural materials are unique and cannot be replicated, as a continuation of the brand's genes.

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