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New works in the high jewellery series

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Update time : 2021-09-23 09:24:33

The new high-end jewelry collection is inspired by the charming weather at different times of the day, echoing the creative eclectic aesthetics of Mikali. In addition to bringing together his favorite brand iconic symbols, this series also deeply explores the ever-changing vast sky and mysterious and colorful phantoms of stars. The series contains more than 130 works, most of which are unique treasures. They are divided into four chapters according to themes, praising the innate beauty of nature, and giving the living creatures a poetic soul, with stars, waterfalls, and sunsets. Twilight, rose garden and animal kingdom bring fascinating Gucci fantasy scenery.

The first chapter is an ode to the magnificent scenery, reshaping the natural scenery into a precious talisman to wear. The magnificent waterfall pouring down, the Lin Tao softly rippling in the breeze, these immortal landscapes are integrated into the romantic jewelry design like a miniature scroll. Layers of diamonds interpret the sparkling water waterfall. The combination of delicate stars and flowing tassels combined with a vibrating inlay process brings a smart visual effect of meteor shower shining in the night sky, echoing the exquisite and harmonious poetic nature. Since the roaring twenties (Roaring Twenties), there has been a gorgeous splendor that has not been seen before. A century later, Yumikali has officially returned with unique and innovative tassels and tassel necklaces, and chandelier earrings. Surrounding the overhanging diamonds are blue-violet and purple-red spinels, and the lagoon-like Paraíba tourmaline can rival the rippling blue waves in the ocean. The design of the necklace is particularly dazzling and eclectic: diamonds that are as brilliant as the aurora borealis explode from the rose-toned spinel necklace; what is even more eye-catching is a 6.13 carat, verdant emerald like spring leaves The gems are surrounded by a sea of ​​diamonds, forming a dazzling Gucci jewelry galaxy.

At sunset, the fascinating full tones in the sky constitute the theme inspiration for the second chapter, which permanently cherishes the fleeting magical hours when the night falls. Here, the style draws on the highly romantic-even Gothic-old scenes of the nineteenth century, the nostalgia and contemporary aesthetics are inclusive, and it benefits from bold and innovative mosaic techniques and extremely rare gems. The rich hues of opal, topaz, spessartine garnet and tourmaline are as warm as a twilight sky. With an 8-carat black opal and a fully paved bow, this stunning necklace exudes a strong Georgian style. The elegant and scattered arrangement structure perfectly presents the beauty of Micheli's "disorderly symmetry", capturing the detached moments of the changing sky from day to night, and at the same time subverting and deconstructing traditional classical aesthetics.

The romanticism of the rose garden lays an excellent scene for the delicate female narrative. The Rococo bow and lucky charm pendant necklace pays homage to the poetic botanical paradise, transforming it into a symbol of new life and love. For this reason, every gemstone has been carefully selected, all presenting a delicate and light color: Paparacha sapphire with pink orange in the setting sun, like rose petals about to bloom, and dark blue tourmaline as deep as the night sky. The pendants in multiple necklaces can be removed freely, and can be used as personal lucky charms or turned into dazzling brooches to wear, adding jewellery to the overall look. Whether it is animals, plants, or the beautiful habitats where they live, they are all given life by these unique gems-each gem is a precious treasure from the magnificent nature.

The watch design has also been reimagined to reflect the connection between "luxury" and "soul". As one of Micheli’s most cherished Gucci iconic elements, the lion head reveals or hides the sea-blue Australian opal dials, purple tanzanite, and rainbow-like dials on a series of diamond-encrusted straps through its rotatable design. Peridot, rubellite and light orange garnet are embellished. The table and back close to the skin are engraved with delicate starry patterns. The strap buckle uses a diamond-encrusted flower shape, turning the eternal gem into a fleeting and beautiful image. On the elegant peacock opal dial, a pin is inlaid with a row of lion heads with tanzanite, which is extraordinarily gorgeous. There is also a cross-shaped watch with a strong religious color. The Latin cross is set with a dial full of diamonds and a star-shaped spinel, which is elegant and noble, comparable to a masterpiece of Renaissance craftsmanship. There is also a bracelet watch inlaid with 275 vertical Art Deco long strip diamonds. The turquoise dial integrated with the bracelet highlights the atmosphere and modern style.
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