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STELLAR TIMES Louis Vuitton 2021 High Jewelry Collection

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Update time : 2021-07-23 10:50:00

The jewelry style on the catwalk often leads this year's fashion trends. Metal and leather materials, shapes and exaggerated styles are still favored.

The pogée series starts a journey into the fantasy universe, wonderfully matching blue-green and purple-blue, exuding the beauty of harmony. The platinum necklace adopts flowing geometric lines, like a winding path through the interstellar. All kinds of diamonds embellish it. Each curve interprets the brand's iconic V.

A series of staggered tanzanite and aquamarine dangles from the diamond, and the stars are surrounded by a rare 34.88 carat indigo tourmaline. The gem has a bright and dreamy blue-green hue. This magical landscape can complement a necklace. The necklace is set with Monogram floral pendants and 28.55 carats of purple tanzanite.

Louis Vuitton created 13 works for the series, intended to pay tribute to the power of Mars. This power symbolizes the conquest of the universe, the trajectory of light, strength and energy... The Astre rouge series is designed around Mozambique rubies and has been studied for more than two years. Round, oval, marquise, pear-shaped and princess-shaped diamonds are spread out in fan shapes, embellishing this series of necklaces with dazzling brilliance, bringing the focus to the gorgeous gems in the center. Ladder-shaped gems cluster around Louis Vuitton's 4.46 carats star-shaped diamonds and more than 8 carats of rubies, releasing an unusual energy.

The sun is the source of immortal inspiration, the hot core of the solar system, and the catalyst for all life forms on the earth. Louis Vuitton showcases the power of the sun through five designs, unleashing amazing power and beauty. These qualities are fully conveyed by the Soleils necklace. There are four layers of the necklace, which can be transformed into a variety of shapes, and it is embossed with the iconic Louis Vuitton checkerboard pattern. Each part of the grid structure is complex design, inlaid with multiple square diamonds and yellow sapphires, and decorated with three gorgeous Sri Lankan sapphires, weighing 8.48 carats, 14.52 carats and 35.38 carats respectively. The Soleils necklace demonstrates the craftsmanship of Louis Vuitton, making heavy accessories as soft as a silk scarf. There are three ways to wear this necklace: it can be simply used as a close-to-neck necklace or a large necklace, or it can be worn or the last two sapphires removed. The matching bracelet also uses the same craftsmanship, with a 13.53 carat yellow sapphire in the center. In addition, the series also launches single gemstone jewelry inlaid with 13.84 carats of Sri Lankan yellow sapphire, exuding a dazzling light...
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