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The beauty of pearls and gems

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Ames & Judy are the co-founders of Kyllonen, whose brand name is derived from their last name.
The transnational love between the two founders has woven a perfect and continuous pearl lai dream.
Born with a similar background in finance, she met in London in 2013 through the Swiss bank UBS.
Because both James' mother and Judy have a special love for pearls and James' design creativity, in just one year, they have completed the transformation "from trying to design, to giving up a lucrative job in an investment bank, to founding the brand Kyllonen".

From financial crossover to jewelry design, James Kyllonen has been diligent.
In the 2018 International Jewelry Design Competition organized by the Pearl Society of America, excellent designers from all over the world competed for the crown, and James won the competition.
His works were presented on the homepage of the competition's official website and invited to be exhibited in the exhibition hall in the United States.

But not every pearl is named chiloren.

Of the surviving females, only 1% of them meet the basic requirements for chilodine, and the GEM class is chosen as 1% of the 1%.
If there were ten thousand pearls, only one would be valuable to Quirrell.

Each of the designs from Chirorning has its own story of inspiration:

The Anchor Akoya Pearl Pendant -- Inspired by the Anchor that helps the ship stabilize its position in the ocean, it has a profound meaning: to guard you across the ocean.
Elegant curves carefully delineate the outline of the anchor, and bright cut diamonds form a dazzling grip.
The delicate and gentle Akoya pearl is inlaid in the heart, exuding a pure and tenacious temperament.
The pendant pearl can also be detachable, allowing the precise and delicate gold anchor to match the beauty of the costume, showing the beauty of aesthetic and mechanical balance.

The Chillows also have a "Ballet dream" - the Kyllonen Ballet series.
Extracting its unique temperament from the dreamy ballet, a ribbon wraps around the ankle and elegantly Outlines the dancer's stretched instep. The smooth lines become the design inspiration of Chiluo.
In the necklace pendant, earrings and ring into pearl, ballet tutu skirt is unreal into a ring of diamonds, as ring support around the warm pearl, achievement hanging in the ears, fingertips, the ballet dream in the heart.
James attributed the series to his and Judy's daughter because he expected her to be a gentle, graceful, brave and tenacious ballerina.

The "Roma" collection is designed to touch the journey of the soul.
Chirurning interprets "the city of ten thousand cities" with the golden ring -- Rome is introspective and calm, but also free and brilliant;
The arched design is on the top of the church, the gate...
Wherever you can open your eyes to Rome, there are traces of it. It is like the glue of history that holds the city together through the ages, which has also become James' inspiration for design: even enjoying thousands of years of praise from the world, they record their unique scenery in a corner of the world without making any public display.

Chiluoren Jewelry is in line with the concept of "Good Expecting for Gifts", hoping to let more people get customized jewelry suitable for themselves and engraved with the wearer's own story.
To create a jewelry brand that can be owned by everyone, accessible to the people and without losing luxury taste is the direction of Chiluoren's unswerving efforts.

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