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"The Gift of Love" may be late but never absent!

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Update time : 2021-10-27 10:51:25

520 confession day is approaching, 520 global limited edition key necklace. The magnificent and resplendent key necklace contains the deep affection and sweetness of the heart, and opens up the infinite possibilities of happiness for you. Sparkling diamonds and beautiful pink sapphires are set in it, reflecting every sweet moment and unlocking 520 reasons to love you.

The two-tone design is made of platinum inlaid with diamonds to present the bow shape. The two ends of the ribbon are asymmetrical design, which retains the natural form when the bow is tied; the rose gold and platinum double gold color brings a warm color and more femininity, the design The teacher meticulously outlines the arc-shaped outline of each work, with stretched wings on both sides.

The ring combines three different materials and colors of gold, white gold and black ceramics, interweaving and colliding, conveying strong emotional expression. The bracelet uses a powder-gray color suitable for couples, which combines romance and vitality.

The red ceramic used in the ring is as eye-catching as flames. It is the startled "red" glance of the lover when they first met, and it is impossible to extricate themselves with just one glance. The ring showcases the and beauty of Paris with perfect geometric shapes, and shows the strong and unrestrained charm of love between the fingers; its gentle petals are intertwined, just like lingering lovers, whispering to each other. Its four-claw inlaid shape tightly wraps the true feelings, loyal and tough, and only you are in my eyes.

Symbolizing infinity, luck, enthusiasm, opportunity and wealth, the soft and elegant curves are intertwined with each other to outline a long love trajectory, just like a lover's tightly clasped hands. The design of the double ring shaped like a lucky charm is inspired by the double twisted line "∞", which symbolizes infinity and eternity. It will bring you infinite good luck at the occasion of "520", and tell the beloved of infinite and eternal love.
The light and delicate, simple and versatile design of jewellery embellishes the wrist and fingers, whether it is gentle and romantic rose gold or elegant and pure white gold, with bright diamonds shining in the light and shadow, always gentle and guardian.

The Coronation·Love series, the early rising crown diamond ring, is inspired by the rising sun set against the cascading waves, which symbolizes the brilliance of love.
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