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What accessories does a round-faced girl wear to make her face smaller?

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Update time : 2021-01-20 10:14:28
Round face girls are really hard!
Clearly a good figure, slap face, but hide from the fleshy little face to visual deceptive, give a person a slight fat illusion.
Version of a good necklace can decorate the collarbone, so that the neck and shoulders look more linear sense.

Take Jennie's round face, for example, and her signature round, beepy face doesn't limit her style at all, as her accessories are subtly matched to soften the fleshedness of her cheeks.

Successfully created a unique style of their own gas field, sweet and desire, milk and fierce.

So as long as you find the right way, round face girl can also through the mix & match style between and accessories, have an enviable small V face.
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