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What does the cross necklace stand for?

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Update time : 2020-10-14 09:27:24
Nowadays, wearing the cross has become a popular, many people like to wear the cross necklace, many young people without religious belief also often buy to wear.
What does the cross necklace stand for?
The sign of the cross is one of the oldest signs, so in addition to its fashionable and chic modeling, its own also has a lot of mysterious, romantic, beautiful meaning.
The sign of the cross is the oldest and may have a great deal of mystical significance.
The cross is a universal symbol that has existed since ancient times, representing the sun.
The Babylonian sun God, the most important symbol of the sun God;
It usually forms a solar wheel with an outer circle.
In addition, the cross also symbolizes the tree of life. It is a reproductive symbol, with vertical bars representing males and horizontal bars representing females.
It's also a sign of promiscuity.
The cross appears in Mexico, Peru and, most importantly, Central America, alluding to the four winds that are the source of the rain.
The cross is associated with the crucifixion of Christ.
The cross is a symbol of Christian faith, which christians believe has the meaning of "salvation", "salvation", "faith", "Gospel" and so on.
When Christians wear necklaces of crosses, most of them have this meaning and represent a kind of faith.
In the fashion world, if you wear a cross necklace, then the cross necklace has the meaning of happiness, luck, angel's guardian and so on.
Its horizontal bar represents love, vertical bar symbolizes god's anger, represents punishment!If the man gives it to the woman, it implies that the man can sacrifice everything for the woman he loves and only love her all his life. If he breaks his word, he will be punished by God!On the other hand, if the girl send the boy, it means that she is willing to pay the most holy love, this life only love this man.
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