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What Jewelry Did Stars Wear on the Red Carpet of Chinese Drama Ceremony?

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Update time : 2021-02-24 10:00:30
In the annual red carpet season at the end of the year, major award ceremonies and evening parties follow one after another, and the stars are even more eager to leave a visual feast for everyone! At the 2020 National Opera Festival a few days ago, the shining scenes of stars were very spectacular, and Huafu Jewelry was also enough to steal the spotlight.

Jin Chen (picture comes from the brand)Jin Chen (picture comes from the brand)

Jin Chen wore a dark green retro dress, BuccellatiOpera series earrings and Ghirlanda series ring appeared on the red carpet of the National Opera Festival, just like a stunning oil painting.

Duan Aojuan (picture comes from brand)Duan Aojuan (picture comes from brand)

Duan Aojuan wore KORLOFF Volte Face spirit fox jewellery to attend the 2020 National Opera Ceremony, deducting a smart and sweet unique girl posture.

Guan Xiaotong (picture comes from the brand)Guan Xiaotong (picture comes from the brand)

Guan Xiaotong wore FRED high-end jewellery to appear at the National Opera Ceremony. She wore a light yellow gauze dress with bright diamonds, exuding a sense of dreamy fairy tales in a gentle and graceful atmosphere. The Chance Infinie series of high-end jewelry necklaces are wrapped around the neck to outline a graceful figure. The design is shaped like a lucky charm to present a smart beauty. With the Force 10 series of platinum and diamond earrings and rings, it adds dazzling brilliance and deduction of dignified and elegant beauty.

Wu Qian (picture comes from the brand)Wu Qian (picture comes from the brand)

Wu Qian wore a smoky ash purple veil skirt, sweet and light, exuding gentle charm. The Chopin Happy Hearts Wings series earrings loom in the hair near the ears. The butterfly wings tremble lightly. The mother-of-pearl is adorned with smart diamonds. The dazzling appearance complements the rose gold rings of the same series on the fingertips, adding a soft glow and charm. Irresistible.

Kan Qingzi (picture comes from the brand)Kan Qingzi (picture comes from the brand)

Kan Qingzi appeared in a white dress with De Beers jewelry, just like a flower fairy from spring.

Ren Min (picture comes from brand)Ren Min (picture comes from brand)

Ren Min wore a white tube top cake dress with De Beers jewelry to attend the Chinese opera ceremony. He is an elegant and sweet little princess.

Hu Yitian (picture comes from the brand)Hu Yitian (picture comes from the brand)

Hu Tianyi wore a black suit with FRED platinum jewelry and TAG Heuer watches to appear at the National Opera Festival. The Force 10 white gold diamond necklace is decorated with a bit of starlight and dark tone. The white gold diamond ring of the same series shines between the fingers, complementing each other, adding a magnificent atmosphere, and showing the extraordinary elegance of a gentleman.

Tan Jianci (picture comes from brand)Tan Jianci (picture comes from brand)

Tan Jianci was wearing a white suit with De Beers jewelry to attend the red carpet of the Chinese Opera Festival. He is a fugitive prince!

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